Project actors

The WebDeb project is lead by a consortium of universities and research centers, as well as sponsors and industrial partners.


Catholic University of Louvain

University of Namur

Sponsors and partners


Research team


Bernard Delvaux Girsef - Catholic University of Louvain

Bernard Delvaux is the originator of the WebDeb project. The idea came to him while he was working on the European project KNOWandPOL (Knowledge and Policy), which he co-lead and which studied the use of knowledge in public policy. As sociologist, he works as a researcher at the Université catholique de Louvain, where he is a member of Girsef (Interdisciplinary research group on socialisation, education and training). Outside of the WebDeb project, his research focuses on questions around education (inequality, segregation, competition between schools). More recently, he has taken an interest in the evolution of the relationship between education and society at a time of profound societal changes. His latest books are entitled "Une tout autre école" and "Réfléchir l'École de demain". In connection with these themes, he is a committed activist in the grass roots movement Tout Autre Chose, in which he leads the group Tout Autre École.
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Deniz Uygur Girsef - Catholic University of Louvain

Deniz is communications officer for the WebDeb project. A linguist and a literary theorist, she is research assistant at the Université catholique de Louvain and a member of Girsef (Interdisciplinary research group on socialisation, education and training). Her research focuses on (inter)subjective use of language and identity building in literature. She worked as a linguistic analyst and consultant for TexTrix, a company that produces content management < software, and she instructed and supported Belgian teams of Allianz, Dentsu and Petercam. A recently certified upper-secondary school teacher, Deniz is passionate about teenage identity building within the school in the Web 2.0 era and is committed to a citizens movement which proposes a completely different school (Tout Autre École).
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Martin Rouffiange Girsef - Catholic University of Louvain

Martin joined the project in September 2017 and is now the development lead of the platform. He recently obtained a bachelor's degree in computer science management at Hénallux. The subject of his graduation work focused on the analysis and implementation of a Web platform for managing class schedules within a university.
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Pierre-Yves Schobbens NADI - University of Namur

Pierre-Yves Schobbens est professeur dinformatique, spécialisé en vérification de logiciel. Il sintéresse à la vérification de modèles (model-checking), les logiques, les méthodes formelles de développement de logiciels, les lignes de produits logiciels, le génie logiciel orienté agents. Il est aussi en charge des relations internationales de sa Faculté.
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Robin Dumont Girsef - Catholic University of Louvain

Robin joined the project in June 2018 and he substitutes Pierre Beulieu as researcher for the project «Jeunesse et enjeux politiques» (JEP), or «Youth and political issues».
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Former researchers


Amélie Cougnon Cental - Catholic University of Louvain


Andre Bittar Cental - Catholic University of Louvain

André was head of Natural Language Processing (NLP) for WebDeb and Research Fellow at the Cental. His PhD, defended in 2010 at the Université Paris Diderot, focused on the analysis of temporal information in French texts. Following his PhD, he held a post-doctoral research position in the Parsing and Semantics group at the Xerox Research Centre Europe, in Grenoble. More recently, he worked as Senior Computational Linguist at Holmes Semantic Solutions, a company specialised in NLP services. His interests range from semantic role labeling, to sentiment and emotion analysis, opinion monitoring, to NLP for the medical domain and temporal information extraction.
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Fabian Gilson CSSE - University of Canterbury

Fabian was in charge of the information technology aspects of the project until September 2017. Fabian works in the Computer Science and Software Engineering department at the University of Canterbury. He spent two years in the IT consulting world in an affiliate company of Accenture, and then conducted his Ph.D in software engineering focusing on Agile development methods and model transformations. Fabian joined the WebDeb team as software architect, analyst and developer of the WebDeb platform and website.
Fabian supervises the software engineering courses and lab at the CSSE department of the University of Canterbury and is interested in model-driven engineering, model traceability and model visualization.
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Pierre Beaulieu Girsef - Catholic University of Louvain

Pierre is a former researcher for the project «Jeunesse et enjeux politiques» (JEP), or «Youth and political issues». Pierre joined the project in November 2017 and leave in June 2018 Among other tasks, he and his other colleagues are responsible for teaching and facilitating the pedagogical system of the project and its implementation with teachers and students. PhD student in political science and sociology of social movements, facilitator and trainer in lifelong education and in the world of youth, musician in several formations, outside and in the JEP project, Pierre Beaulieu interculturality, the reduction of inequalities, the improvement of political participation or East-West dialogue.
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