An educational tool to learn about politics and debate

Module 1
Create a framework for democratic debate
Module 2
Emerge and formulate a debate question
Module 3
Collect preconceptions on a debate question
Module 4
Select sources to collect arguments
Module 5
Analyze arguments to nuance and deepen the debate
Module 6
Identify and position the parties involved in the debate
Module 7
Defend an opinion orally
Module 8
Take part in the debate on social challenges

A tool for debate education

The Debagora educational tool offers activities and benchmarks for :
  • collect content ;
  • support an opinion with solid arguments ;
  • multiply the angles of view on the same question ;
  • put that opinion up for debate in a respectful framework ;

A tool for political education

The Debagora educational tool offers activities and benchmarks for :
  • initiate young people to the process of conflictual and egalitarian deliberation ;
  • identify the the parties involved in the debate and their power ratios ;
  • experience the entire democratic process, from the problematization of a question to public intervention.

A flexible tool

The educational tool D├ębagora :
  • is adapted to an audience aged 15 years and older ;
  • is composed of eight modules that can be combined or used independently ;
  • presents concrete activities, but also theoretical and methodological benchmarks ;
  • proposes the use of the digital platform WebDeb to promote exchanges between participants.

A living tool

D├ębagora is the fruit of a collaboration between three research centers (Girsef-UCLouvain, Cevipol-ULB, Poli-VUB), and four associations (Jeune et Citoyen, the BELvue museum, Infor-Jeunes asbl and the Ligue des Droits Humains).

This tool can be enriched thanks to your comments, questions, stories of experiences,...
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