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To learn to treat information with rigor.
And to decode the positions.

WebDeb, an all-field educational tool

WebDeb was designed to be used in the classroom or in formation. The platform allows a group to reflect in a rigorous way on any type of debate by facilitating the systematic and collaborative encoding of positions and arguments as well as the CVs of the parties involved in the debate.

In addition to developing research and documentary analysis skills, WebDeb makes it possible, through the structuring of data, to serve as a basis for understanding the debate and even for taking an informed position.

The platforms advantages are numerous. WebDeb makes it possible to :

  • Systematize and standardize the encoded data;
  • keep in memory the analyses performed;
  • put in common the work of several sub-groups ;
  • easily modify the encoded data and progressively organize them ;
  • work remotely ;
  • create private educational groups ;
  • easily correct contributions.
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Débagora : an educational tool mobilizing WebDeb

WebDeb is mobilized as part of Débagora, a tool for education in politics and debate, composed of eight modules (WebDeb is mobilized in modules 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6).

Discover it to see how to mobilize WebDeb in the framework of a larger project, but also to see how to mobilize WebDeb punctually.

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